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Sensory Fidget Toys UK is an Amazon Affiliate website. All products listed on our website are affiliate links. All products purchased using the links on our website are invoiced and dispatched by Amazon. To arrange a return please refer to your Amazon account. Also see Amazon Returns Policy

Sensory Fidget Toys UK participates in Amazon affiliate marketing program, which means we are paid a small commission on chosen products purchased through our product links, that are redirected to Amazon’s website, you won’t pay a penny more, but we’ll get a small commission from Amazon, which helps keep our website running. 

We created the Sensory Fidget Toys UK online affiliate store to help prompt all types of Sensory Fidget Toys to help narrow down your search when searching for that fidget toy to meet your fidgeting needs!

We spend time reviewing customer product reviews and have only listed products that have great Amazon feedback ratings.