Fidget Spinner Hand Figit Toy – Anti Anxiety High Speed Fidgit Finger Spinners, Stress Reducer, Ultra Durable with Ceramic Bearings

Fidget Spinner Hand Figit Toy – Anti Anxiety High Speed Fidgit Finger Spinners, Stress Reducer, Ultra Durable with Ceramic Bearings Price: £7.95 (as of 23/07/2024 18:20 PST- Details)

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MANAGE ANXIETY, STRESS AND BOREDOM! Looking for a reliable way to address your anxiety? Here’s good news for you! The Tritechnox Fidget Spinner is designed to relieve stress, ease nervousness and improve fidgeting habits. Perfect for fidgety hands to flick and spin between finger tips and enjoy in satisfying motions. This gadget serves as a therapeutic aid for kids and adults with ADHD, ADD, Autism and anxiety. ULTRA FAST & HIGH SPEED The Tritechnox Spinner works at an incredible time of 1-3 minutes depending on the power and force applied. Due to its dynamic Hybrid Ceramic Si3N4 middle bearing it is up to 3x faster than its steel equivalent! PREMIUM QUALITY With our sleek and durable ABS frame the spinner is protected from breaking easily and has a comfortable grip for effortless handling. The caps and bearings are secured and will not fall out unless removed. SPIN FREELY ANYTIME, ANYWHERE Smooth and low noise spinning means the spinner is ideal for use in the office, classroom, library and whilst travelling. Give your hands and mind some rest from your cell phone. Pick this fun and addictive toy up instead – and why not share it with your loved ones? With our attractive and protective packaging you’re all set for a surprise! SIMPLE TO USE No fuss, your Tritechnox Spinner will work straight out of the box! Simply hold the spinner in one hand and flick any side with your other hand to start spinning. If you would like to improve your focus, concentration and creativity whilst helping you calm in stressful and nail biting situations – then look no further! FREE EBOOKS SENT BY EMAIL Free Ebooks sent to you by email related to stress/anxiety management and healthy lifestyle eating. ADD to cart NOW and order your Tritechnox spinner today with our money back guarantee for complete piece of mind.

FAST & LONG SPIN TIMES – We guarantee 2-5 minutes spin time depending on the force and technique applied! Our Hybrid Ceramic Si3N4 middle bearing offers significantly reduced friction allowing a single strike to send it freewheeling for up to 3x longer compared to its steel counterparts. It is perfectly balanced by three 608RS bearing weights for extra stability
RELIEVE ANXIETY – Let go of life’s stresses and nervous tension all while you enjoy a smooth, fast, satisfying rotation in your hand. If you find yourself endlessly pen clicking, nail biting or engaging in other fidgety habits then this toy serves as your perfect replacement! Regain your focus and concentration with a pleasing sensory experience anywhere whilst at work, home, school or when waiting in the car
ERGONOMIC DESIGN & PERFECT PLAY GADGET – Enjoy an ultra-durable curve shaped ABS frame with a smooth high quality finish for easy handling and a longer service life. Perfect in size, light in weight and suitable for adults and children to make it your pocket buddy wherever you go.
PERFECT PLAY GADGET – Enjoy a fun time using the spinner in many ways – whether you like to spin and balance it on one finger, using one hand, both hands or even challenge your friends and family to a spinning game contest. All our spinners come with our TRITECHNOX logo bearing caps so it can be spun on any flat surface. Packaged in a beautiful gift-ready box, simply add a card and SURPRISE!
ATTENTION PLEASE!!! AJZ PTY LTD. is the ONLY seller of the TRITECHNOX Spinner – Do NOT purchase from any other sellers who are counterfeit and from other countries. All TRITECHNOX Spinner are EXCLUSIVELY branded and sold by AJZ PTY LTD. Exclusive FREE EBOOKS will only be sent to you if you purchase from AJZ PTY LTD., other counterfeit spinner companies will leave you in regret, get hold of this offer until it lasts!

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