Hey ChatGPT – Why are fidget spinners are so addictive to keep spinning

We asked asked ChatGPT the QUESTION “Why are fidget spinners are so addictive to keep spinning” and this is what the AI thought;


Fidget spinners are designed to be active and keep spinning due to several key factors:

1. Ball Bearings: Fidget spinners typically contain ball bearings at the center. These bearings are made from materials with low friction, such as steel or ceramic, which allow for smooth and continuous spinning motion. The ball bearings reduce friction and provide stability, enabling the spinner to spin for longer periods.

2. Weight Distribution: Fidget spinners are often designed with a balanced weight distribution. The weight is evenly distributed around the central axis, which helps maintain the rotational momentum. This balanced distribution allows the spinner to spin freely without being easily disrupted or slowed down.

3. Angular Momentum: When you initiate the spin of a fidget spinner by applying force, it generates angular momentum. Angular momentum is the property of a rotating object that keeps it spinning unless acted upon by an external force. The design of fidget spinners is optimized to preserve angular momentum, allowing them to continue spinning for extended durations.

4. Aerodynamics: Some fidget spinners are designed with aerodynamic features. These designs include grooves, cutouts, or other patterns that reduce air resistance. By minimizing air resistance, fidget spinners can spin more smoothly and for longer durations.

It’s worth noting that the spinning duration of a fidget spinner can vary based on factors such as the quality of the bearings, weight distribution, and the force initially applied. Higher-quality spinners with better bearings and design tend to spin for longer periods compared to lower-quality or poorly designed ones.

Ultimately, the combination of ball bearings, weight distribution, angular momentum, and aerodynamic features all contribute to the active and prolonged spinning experience of fidget spinners.

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