iKzan- Bubble Pop Push Bubble Fidget Toy, Autism Special Needs Stress Reliever Anxiety Reliefef Toys in many shapes

iKzan- Bubble Pop Push Bubble Fidget Toy, Autism Special Needs Stress Reliever Anxiety Reliefef Toys in many shapes

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Colour Name:Cirle (Orange & Purple )

Push & Pop Bubble Fidget Toy

This is one of the great toy that keeps kids busy and enjoy themselves while sitting alone or in a group or with parents. This is also helpful to get relief from anxiety and stress and keep your mood fresh

Secure Silicon Material

it is made up of non harmful material and it will not have any side affect while washing it .

Information about Playing

Its a simple game that needs you to press down the bubble and if you playing with someone then it is good to choose colors to see who finishes it first.

【Recommended Age 】This is a toy game for 36 months and above suitable for people of all ages. It is a great relief after a hectic day at school college university or even office.
【Stress & Anxiety Reducing Toy】In this stressful world , we need to relief and something that can keep stress away and here is a right toy for you
【Mood Freshner】This push and pop bubble fidget helps to keep your mood fresh and try to keep you calm if there is any stress around. This popper can take away bad moods and helo you to interact with kids family members politely. Kids likes you to enjoy to have their own space and can play such toys while tired from playing digital games. This is also to make focus for kids and people with special needs.
【Quality Silicon Materials】This bubble push pop fidget is made up of very high quality silicon material that is washable and non toxic and have no adverse affects while playing or washing it.
【Customer Satisfaction】100% customer satisfaction, 24/7 responses on each complaint and try to resolve within 48 hours.

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